Total food/beverage in USA exceeds $5 TRILLION.

CRUZANI acquires exciting food brands to satisfy investor appetite for growth


Food Entrepreneurs partnering with public investors



On Behalf of Today's Public Investors.

Highly Versatile

Various food service operators are of interest to CRUZANI.  We have a knack for recognizing winners.  Are you a food entrepreneur we should meet?

Small Businesses Becoming Big

With access to public capital even start-up projects can thrive to reach huge potential. They sky is not the limit. (Astronauts eat too.)


When entrepreneurs experience the synergy of public investment a transformation occurs that benefits all.  Tremendous growth is possible.

Click these photos for guiding principles.

Today’s Fast Healthy Food

The trend of making even popular standard fare customized for each consumer requires excellent systems to manage variables.

Double Scrumptious

Have you noticed how often people use the word “love” when describing food? That’s what we look for. Food brands people can love.

Bread of all kinds delights humanity

With a strong foundation in baked goods excellence, CRUZANI sees universal appeal and market growth opportunities for new creations.

Recommendations matter.

When eyes meet and a recommendation is made – opportunity is born. When people give honest suggestions, trends accelerate. Be authentic. Always.

Some things are timeless.

Chocolate is so popular, so widespread and so versatile that uses are still being discovered. Keep going with chocolate, it has never lost its appeal.

Pride of purpose. Respect it.

When a food entrepreneur presents their creations with pride, the world becomes a nicer place. And tastier. And richer – all things we can respect.

What we offer food entrepreneurs
A platform for the next level of success.

Performance Appreciation

We have the skills and connections to ascertain your hidden value. Private companies can experience higher valuations in the public capital market. You may have assets, skills and concepts that don’t appear on your balance sheet that make all the difference in the world to the savvy public market, where investors have vision. We can help you, the food entrepreneur, to discover the qualities that you take for granted – and capitalize them to achieve the next level of success that you deserve.

Public Capital Market Experience

Being a public company is an earned privilege, not a right. It takes special knowledge, dedication and aptitude. Most private entrepreneurs could never make this leap by themselves. That’s were CRUZANI comes in. If your food enterprise has the potential to satisfy customers and the investing public, both, then we can make it happen for you. By being part of the CRUZANI organization as a continuing co-venture partner or by divesting yourself of the enterprise at this time to us, we will find a solution that is good for all.

Media Development

Public companies are in the public eye. Always. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. We can help you transition from being a local food enterprise that has looked for ways to create awareness, into a widely known operation. Public companies have communication resources and expertise that are just not practical for smaller firms to maintain. As we discover your food enterprise’s qualities, we can apply a national, and international, platform for getting your message out for your sake and ours. As partners in success, CRUZANI focuses on bringing select private food enterprises into our family of holdings so that they can benefit from group talents and resources.

Exit Horizon

No matter how much you like what you do, you may reach the day when additional pursuits beckon. Some experiences have been delayed for a lifetime because of your dedication. What good is a life that is not lived fully? CRUZANI can help. As a public company, we are uniquely qualified to identify how you, the hardworking and successful food entrepreneur can convert your business accomplishments into a financial exit package that let’s you go after those other pursuits. In this way, CRUZANI may even be the best way to ensure the continuity of your legacy of achievement – a deeply satisfying approach.

People to Admire
A small sampling of wonderful people and promising relationships..

When we were invited by this extraordinary baking entrepreneur to play a part in desired expansion, our creativity became mutual.  How could we deal with present circumstances in a way that gave Mario and his team as smooth a transition as possible, while giving CRUZANI shareholders the comfort and upside that they deserve?  The result of our collaboration has been an alignment of energies and launch for a next generation baking operation with new ambitions and renewed growth prospects.  Welcome aboard, Mario and associates.

Mario Parravano

President, Oventa Foods

In March 2018, CRUZANI announced that it had acquired 100% of a health-conscious, restaurant concept, providing an exit horizon for its developer.  The brand is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently planning to expand across the Southeast. The chain will offer consumers a healthy, diverse menu made with fresh organic ingredients every day. The brand offers a diverse menu from flatbread sandwiches, bowls, wraps, salads, and fresh proteins such as chicken, turkey, steak and falafel. All entrees are also available in pre-packaged “meal plans,” for take-out.

New Healthy Brand

Great Team Collaboration

With advances in packaging and shipping technology, it is becoming increasingly possible to ship packaged snack food and other consumables internationally.  With special intermediaries, CRUZANI is exploring how to structure tailored market launches for the exceptional opportunities that are unique to China today.  Grocer Capital has established itself as being a leader in the export of food to this market.  Behind the scenes, CRUZANI and associates are planning launch possibilities that are remarkable in procedural innovation and potential scale.

Grocer Capital.

International Reach
Desire for variety is today's business opportunity
Diverse lifestyles pursuing tailored food experiences

Beyond Vegetarian

For today’s super-informed vegetarians and vegans (V-consumers), knowledge about food and satisfying taste are equally important. The “Veggie Carrot Beet Avocado Burger” is a thing.  For these fans, and the many friends and family whom they influence, selection of products by their specific ingredients is the new norm.  These motivated consumers reconcile natural appetite (which is unrelenting) and conscious decision making (which is time consuming).  Finding and preparing such ingredients takes time.  Top quality convenient options appreciated!

Beyond Munchies

Traditional cravings were occasional and difficult to satisfy.  Today, munchie cravings are heightened, stimulated by many practical and social factors.   There is now unprecedented exposure to snacking ideas in 24/7 media as well as product offerings in 24/7 retail outlets.  These factors, as well as evolving lifestyle choices, are enhancing consumer desire.  Meeting this demand in healthy and responsible ways is a dynamic realm of food sector innovation.  The ease of packaging small servings of “munchies” has expanded their places of consumption immensely.

Beyond Bread

Bread is one of the oldest and most beloved foods in human civilization.  For most of that time, classic favorites were the standard fare.  Today’s food artisans are creating remarkable variations that delight consumers of all ages and lifestyles.  The range of combinations of ingredients is being expanded constantly. Variations in texture, color, taste and compatibility with toppings is now an allied art to other food innovation.  The ordinary sandwich of yesteryear has now given way to sophisticated variations of every conceivable design variable,

Beyond Beverages

What we drink used to conventional.  Now, it defies convention.  Are fruit juices virtuous, or too sugary?  Are vegetable juices ideal, or lacking fiber?  Retailers want long shelf-life, but nobody likes preservatives. Should beverages be “natural” or infused to have super benefits?  Are beverages for pleasure, or ultimately for hydration?  Countless discussions arise from burgeoning innovation is what we drink, its packaging, the tolerated price points and distribution realities.  The business opportunities here are flowing faster than ever.


CRUZANI Begins Product Development with Cannabis Derivatives for Edible and Infusion Markets

ATLANTA, Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CRUZANI, Inc. (OTC Markets: CZNI) is a global business development company focused on creating and acquiring franchise concepts, along with peripheral food-related businesses throughout the United States, Canada and international markets. Within its portfolio, it has two Canada-based subsidiaries that will benefit from that country’s changing cannabis legislation. It is expected that on October 17, 2018, Canada will enter a new landscape as the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal. In addition to…

CRUZANI QSR Design Phase Begins – Quick Service Restaurant Operation Can Deliver Multiplier for CRUZANI

We have previously spoken to shareholders in general terms about having QSR ambitions.  Now I can report to shareholders that our QSR plans are being formalized into specifics. A lot is being done behind the scenes. Through strategic planning we determined the sequence of events necessary for its QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) ambitions to be realized, and have set a timeline.  It is CRUZANI’s intention to have a prototype QSR operation in place within Q1 2019.    Progress and milestones will…

Finding the Right Equation in QSR Design – 1st CRUZANI Recipe Food Co Location as Prototype Lab

Dee Gibson, Founder of CRUZANI Recipe Food Co. subsidiary, and its product developer, has terrific R & D instincts.  Dee is already giving a lot of thought to CRUZANI QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) concepts from the perspective of both the food itself and operations.  She is talented in producing diverse offerings as “Pop Up Counter” assortments from time to time. They generate impromptu feedback from paying Recipe Food Co. restaurant guests. This approach provides quick learning for Dee about…

CRUZANI Oventa Foods – Production Photo Series

We will post photos from time to time that show production using equipment that was recently acquired by CRUZANI via its subsidiary In this recent photo below, we see one of our bread slicing machines being set up in preparation for a run of private label bread.  Confidentiality protocols prevent us from disclosing the names of our private label customers, but these customers include respected supermarkets and food service organizations. In future, there will be greater opportunity for CRUZANI…

CRUZANI Toronto shareholders can now buy our products!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our Toronto shareholders, coming soon.  Our CRUZANI Recipe Food Co location in Toronto can arrange delivery to you of your super healthy gourmet Thanksgiving dinner if you order by Wednesday October 3rd.  See details in the menu below.  Minimum group of 8 people for each order, so get your friends and family together.  You now have the best possible reason.  YOUR company is preparing the meal for them.

Getting it Done

Commercial baking requires a variety of production equipment to create diverse food products.  CRUZANI now operates commercial baking through its subsidiary.  Oventa Foods has a wide range of high capacity equipment that will be more fully utilized as the new business plan ramps up in coming months, and new 3rd party process-certifications are put into place.  These are needed to meet the needs of the largest commercial accounts. Our equipment is valuable and is situated in a large purpose-built facility.  These…

Introductory Remarks by Everett Dickson, CEO

To those who have an interest in learning more about Cruzani and our vision, we offer up this blog. As with every other form of communication in the public market space, there are limitations to what can be discussed in this forum, however, the intention here is to explain, in more detail, our goals and objectives plainly and directly. Our two main objectives are: 1) Continue to grow our asset base, increase revenue and strengthen the balance sheet with the…

Hello Twitter – Hello World! CruzaniCEO Twitter Goes Live.

First Tweet to CRUZANI (USOTC: UHLN) shareholders tonight!  It will be easy for you to follow our developments by following me on Twitter: The photo below symbolizes the good times and goodwill that food can foster by bringing people together.  We share it in our materials as a symbol of our invitation to you to join us!  

Thank you! CRUZANI/Recipe Location Honored with Corporate Event

CRUZANI shareholders (OTC:UHLN) can be proud that internet shopping organization (NYSE:SHOP) entrusted our new Toronto hospitality restaurant partner, Recipe Food Co., to host a terrific corporate function – just completed.  Shopify brought a number of their most creative North American R&D personnel to converge in Toronto for for their “Camp RnD” working event.  CRUZANI/Recipe Food Co. founder Dee Gibson was given the mandate to organize the concluding celebratory dinner in our Queen Street West prototype facility a few days…

Welcome to the Cruzani CEO Blog – Discussion and Backgrounders for Shareholders of CRUZANI Inc.

Hello CRUZANI (UHLN) shareholders and friends of the company. I’ve started this blog to be an extra resource for our investors. Under SEC Fair Disclosure guidelines this resource is a setting where I can discuss things about the company that may not warrant a formal news release, but are still considered properly and fairly disclosed because investors are being given equal access to the information here at the same time. My first official blog entry is a big thank you! …