CRUZANI shareholders (OTC:UHLN) can be proud that internet shopping organization (NYSE:SHOP) entrusted our new Toronto hospitality restaurant partner, Recipe Food Co., to host a terrific corporate function – just completed.  Shopify brought a number of their most creative North American R&D personnel to converge in Toronto for for their “Camp RnD” working event.  CRUZANI/Recipe Food Co. founder Dee Gibson was given the mandate to organize the concluding celebratory dinner in our Queen Street West prototype facility a few days ago for 36 of the attendees!  It’s all done and was enjoyed by all.

Our culture of health conscious food was a terrific fit.  Recipe Food Co.’s  mandate of no wheat or refined sugar was not missed with the comforting menu designed for the guests. The fact that Recipe Food Co. is a gluten-free facility expands the scope of opportunities for diverse friends and colleagues to share meals without awkward “accommodation”.  Everyone enjoys the same standard of excellence, taste, health and pleasure.  Check out Dee Gibson’s Instagram eye candy:  (Become a follower and be quick to see event photos and ideas under development).

The interior of our CRUZANI/Recipe Food Co. location is deliberately neutral, so that the space acts as a blank canvas for continuous theme explorations.  The Shopify event was in the style of a “back to camp” experience, with suitable music, wildflowers, themed cocktails and accessories to complete the theme of the team’s working week.  A close-up photo of the event menu is shown amongst the photos below.

Dee Gibson is dedicated to bringing such high profile and discerning client relationships to the CRUZANI/Recipe Food Co. mission, while I am dedicated to elevating CRUZANI’s engagement with the investment industry in order to gain the best quality and value possible in our future investment financing transactions.  This will enable us to maintain the highest standard in our operations for the benefit of all, support innovation and to take bold initiatives where appropriate. It’s a great emerging combination  – CRUZANI and and

Between us, we already have what it takes to make waves – and we’ve barely started.  Surely, a recipe for success.

Eat well and be well!
– Everett