Hello CRUZANI (UHLN) shareholders and friends of the company.

I’ve started this blog to be an extra resource for our investors. Under SEC Fair Disclosure guidelines this resource is a setting where I can discuss things about the company that may not warrant a formal news release, but are still considered properly and fairly disclosed because investors are being given equal access to the information here at the same time.

My first official blog entry is a big thank you!  We enjoyed good volume at UHLN today, September 24, 2018, as investors are starting to realize, on the basis of our SEC filings, that we have substantial new assets and real operations already underway.

CRUZANI has made terrific progress in the last few months – this is just now starting to be truly understood by investors.  Thank you for getting to know us and hopefully sharing in the passion that we have for the CRUZANI mission –  “Provisions for life!”  There is a lot for us to look forward to.  CRUZANI is a cool new operation in the multi-trillion dollar food industry, one of the biggest sectors in the economy.

Future posts may be short or long, sometimes they will be highly technical, and other times just sharing a quick idea – but my posts will always be from the heart.  As CEO of CRUZANI I am totally in and committed to building a great company, together!