We will post photos from time to time that show production using equipment that was recently acquired by CRUZANI via its subsidiary www.OventaFoods.com.

In this recent photo below, we see one of our bread slicing machines being set up in preparation for a run of private label bread.  Confidentiality protocols prevent us from disclosing the names of our private label customers, but these customers include respected supermarkets and food service organizations.

In future, there will be greater opportunity for CRUZANI Oventa Foods to launch its own branded product lines. This will boost revenue potential by broadening our market penetration into additional distribution channels.  We intend to reach the point that our shareholders will be able to buy our delicious consumer foods products at a retailer close to home, from coast-to-coast. We have many product launch possibilities including creative new snack brand concepts.  In the meantime, we will be preparing for a new round of facility certifications that are needed to expand the scope of our private label business.

CRUZANI has taken an enormous step forward Q2 2018 with the acquisition of this valuable (and sophisticated) commercial production equipment. The combination of our equipment portfolio and our use of nearly 40,000 sq.ft. purpose-built commercial baking facilities catapults CRUZANI into dynamic business operations, according to its business plan, and as set out in our SEC filings.