Dee Gibson, Founder of CRUZANI Recipe Food Co. subsidiary, and its product developer, has terrific R & D instincts.  Dee is already giving a lot of thought to CRUZANI QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) concepts from the perspective of both the food itself and operations.  She is talented in producing diverse offerings as “Pop Up Counter” assortments from time to time. They generate impromptu feedback from paying Recipe Food Co. restaurant guests. This approach provides quick learning for Dee about which dishes move the fastest and which price points work best. All of this contributes strategic insights to CRUZANI QSR planning.

The collage below shows a variety of such offerings.  Some are basic, others elaborate.  The point is to establish what works best in order to strike the right balance between recipe innovation, quality, value and consumer demand. Not every business is paid by its customers to generate research results!

A key contribution of Dee to CRUZANI’s QSR ambitions is her catering expertise.  Delivering large quantities of food, in often challenging circumstances, is no laughing matter.  Dee’s track record includes assignments for discerning corporate clients and public figures.   A few days ago, for example, the growing e-commerce organization Shopify entrusted CRUZANI Recipe Food Co. to handle a special celebratory event in the restaurant for 36 of their team members in town for a special assignment, from coast-to-coast.  The first hand-written “thank you card” from a participant, has already arrived, complete with hand-drawn hearts.

CRUZANI Recipe Food Co.’s first location, 696 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, is on a 5-hour lunch schedule until the liquor license is granted and final staffing arrangements are made. We are excited about our fine new visiting chef, who will be with us for several months starting next week.  He will be introduced later.  For the week of October 2 – 9, 2018 this location will not be open to the public as preparations along these lines are made, including our special focus on semi-catered (take-away & delivered)  Canadian Thanksgiving meals toward the end of the week.

Bottom line: There’s a terrific acceleration of fundamental corporate value occurring now for CRUZANI shareholders. CRUZANI is implementing its business plan.  All of us in the CRUZANI organization are proud of what we are achieving for the company at this important stage in lift-off.  What this really means is that we are proud of what we are accomplishing for you, our shareholders.

Dee Gibson, founder CRUZANI Recipe Food Co., 
Subsidiary of CRUZANI Inc., (OTC: CZNI)