Welcome to Atlanta!

There is so much to discover in America’s thriving hub of Atlanta, Georgia – including CRUZANI itself.  This vibrant center of business and innovation is home to CRUZANI’s executive team, which collaborates with associates elsewhere in the USA and Canada.

We are a franchise development company that builds and represents popular franchise concepts throughout the United States and beyond with an emphasis on food and wellness. Our management team selects up-and-coming concepts with substantial growth potential. All of our brands are unique in nature by focusing on niche food industry markets with untapped potential for development.

With diminishing territory available to older franchise brands, CRUZANI brings fresh, innovative brands with superior appeal to consumers. We encourage food industry entrepreneurs to contact us to discuss whether their privately owned company or brand would benefit from public capital market exposure and resources.

CRUZANI is a publicly traded company with trading symbol (OTC:CZNI).