Welcome Message from CRUZANI CEO, Everett M. Dickson

Hello Friends – A few thoughts about CRUZANI and you!

I am delighted to introduce CRUZANI to its wide range of existing and future stakeholders.  Thank you for visiting.

As a public company quoted at OTC Markets under the trading symbol CZNI, CRUZANI has many shareholders.  It is a pleasure to report to you that CRUZANI has rapidly transitioned from vision to reality.  Much has happened operationally in 2018.  These developments will be reported in our SEC filings in great detail, on a continuing basis.  We have moved beyond being a development stage company.  We are now a fully operating, multi-faceted and active corporation.  We now have substantial assets, valuable business interests, staff and strategic alliances.

We are also a resource for you if you are a food sector entrepreneur.  Our vision to enhance private company valuation by transferring assets into the public realm, where valuations are more realistic and supportive of greater growth is now a reality.  We have launched project initiatives and have good relationships to share for the benefit of all.  If you have cool food products and services that should be moving up the ladder to public company stature, please say hello; let’s talk.

If you are a member of the general public, then you too are a stakeholder in CRUZANI in a different way.  CRUZANI is bringing new resources to food innovators so that they can reach out and become a part of America’s food services landscape from coast-to-coast, and beyond.  If you think we should discover a local food operation that you admire, please let us know!  You may be the catalyst for great things to come. It may even be rewarding for you personally.

Whoever you are, and wherever you live, you probably love good food.  This is a bond that unites people around the world. This bond is the positive business basis on which CRUZANI contributes well-being for us all.

Bon Appetite and best wishes,

Everett M. Dickson